Packaging: Ground & Brewed by Ramiro Carranza

I love this packaging for coffee manufacturer Ground & Brewed by graphic designer Ramiro Carranza. The touch of green is a great addition and a touch of modern in an otherwise vintage branding.

“Ground & Brewed is a 100% organic coffee manufacturer. I wanted to give it a vintage & organic look to it, and make it look very ‘home made.’ All the materials used are also 100% recyclable.”

Check out more work by Ramiro over here.

Ground & Brewed 01 Ground & Brewed 02 Ground & Brewed 03 Ground & Brewed 04 Ground & Brewed 05 Ground & Brewed 06

Anneke Short

Anneke Short is the co-founder and creative director of AMS Design Studio. Originally from the UK, trained in Switzerland and now living in London.

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