Branding: Domi Anatomia Home Anatomy by April Pascua

I have a bit of a thing for old, apothecary-style branding and this great project by April Pascua is no exception.

“This is an at-home anatomy kit specializing in dissection. Included would be various tools that are needed to go about dissecting a frog at home: specimen bottle, scalpels, t-pins, rubber gloves, formaldehyde, goggles, notebook and diagram plate.”

I’m not sure how many people have the need for at-home dissection kits but if anyone does they can now get themselves a very good-looking one. More work by April over here.

Domi-Anatomia-Home-Anatomy 01 Domi-Anatomia-Home-Anatomy 02 Domi-Anatomia-Home-Anatomy 03 Domi-Anatomia-Home-Anatomy 04 Domi-Anatomia-Home-Anatomy 05 Domi-Anatomia-Home-Anatomy 06 Domi-Anatomia-Home-Anatomy 07

Anneke Short

Anneke Short is the co-founder and creative director of AMS Design Studio. Originally from the UK, trained in Switzerland and now living in London.

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