Product Design: FFF Accurate Tool by Fundamental

As a jeweller by trade, calipers are somewhat of a must-have. Normally sold in boring grey plastic boxes, my heart skipped a beat when I saw this letterpress postcard by Fundamental in collaboration with Overlab.

Now if only I can get them to package them like this then I would be a very happy jeweler indeed.

FFF-Accurate Tool_000 FFF-Accurate Tool_001 FFF-Accurate Tool_002 FFF-Accurate Tool_003 FFF-Accurate Tool_004 FFF-Accurate Tool_005 FFF-Accurate Tool_006 FFF-Accurate Tool_007 FFF-Accurate Tool_008 FFF-Accurate Tool_009 FFF-Accurate Tool_010 FFF-Accurate Tool_011 FFF-Accurate Tool_012 FFF-Accurate Tool_013 FFF-Accurate Tool_014 FFF-Accurate Tool_015

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