Packaging: PositiviTea

Take a look at this great project called PositiviTea, by Maija Sardiko, Jura Afanasjevs, Caoimhe Lavelle, Amanda Lennon and Shannen Jalal.

It’s an experiment to see how the real world can be blended together with the world of the internet.

“The concept behind the PositiviTea brand is ‘Tea Fixes Everything’. The touch sensitive cups are filled not only with the tea, but also with the positive digital content contributed by the users. While enjoying the tea in a company or alone the tea drinkers may rise their mood by watching/listening/reading just the positive content of PositiviTea.”

Isn’t that a cool idea?

PositiviTea 01 PositiviTea 02 PositiviTea 03 PositiviTea 04 PositiviTea 05 PositiviTea 06 PositiviTea 07

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