Love/Hate : Digital Portraits by Chanin Suasungnern

Digital art is something that has me on the fence. The thing is, nowadays software like Photoshop has become so user friendly that at the click of a button, the user can create something that would otherwise have taken hours.

Fliters and effects have become so sophisticated that ironically, they have become quite mundane. Ever thought you were looking at some great watercolour just to find out that you were actually just looking at a photograph ran through a filter? Because I have.
Having said that, I do love digital art when it is well done, and Chanin Suasungnern‘s art is very well done indeed. He mixes traditional drawing techniques with more modern, digital techniques and the results are very cool. What do you think of digital art?

Anneke Short

Anneke Short is the co-founder and creative director of AMS Design Studio. Originally from the UK, trained in Switzerland and now living in London.

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