Monday Moodboard – Inspiring me this week : 20.02.12

This week’s moodboard features coffee art and a great little drawing tutorial for wrinkles and folds.

1. Cute coffee art
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2. Awesome logo website.
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3. Impressive sketchbook.
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4. 100 Cardboard faces.
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5. The Big Caption.
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6. Wrinkles and folds tutorial.
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7. Simple but great ideas.
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8. Ideas for recycling Pallets.
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Anneke Short

Anneke Short is the co-founder and creative director of AMS Design Studio. Originally from the UK, trained in Switzerland and now living in London.


  1. I’m a designer who has always used a PC, and I’ve won 4 international awards and keep my family fed. So where is this “Macs are better than PCs. Full Stop.” tripe coming from? It stopped being fashionable to bash PCs years ago, friend, so I feel you’re behind the trend, not part of it.

    How does this “challenge public misconceptions?” as a byline states?

    It’s also a cliché to bash Comic Sans as the worst font in the world.

    Are you going to break the news that Smurfs are stupid, next?

    I’m just really disappointed at the quality of your thoughts that you lack the taste to hold off publishing.

    • Wow Gary, I’m really sorry if this offended you, but it was only ever meant as a light hearted joke. As for the macs vs PC one, like I said, these are not just things that I think but also things that I hear a lot in the design world, whether I agree or not is irrelevant…

  2. I believe LinkedIn did you a disservice, then, Anneke, because your work, the quotes on different folded paper, is a very nice treatment, without a suggestion of politicizing the tools you use and prefer.

    I, too, find the best tools to express myself from different companies, and different hardware manufacturers. What I hear in the design world (I’m a moderator on a forum with 19,000 registered members) is far too much static! And a lot of it is borne from “exclusivism”—some sociopath posts that Photoshop or Software X is God’s gift to the designer, and then I have to spend hours putting out a flame war.

    Your work is good, your reasoning is sound. When LinkedIn or other highly visible route comes knocking for your expression, I advice the Middle Road, lest you get another comment from an overworked fellow artist who has just had too much bile online.

    • Thank you :) I actually only ever intended this to be a little personal project for my blog and it just caught on. The mac PC was always supposed to be the most controversial and it certainly had ended up that way! Honestly though, I don’t know enough about the hardware to judge fairly. I’m glad you understand!

  3. Oh, don’t deem a piece of art “controversial” simply because it caught the eye of one artist on a Monday morning. :) You get this page filled up in a few hours, and then you can call the piece controversial.

    I recommend though that you make it a regular inspirational exercise to play to the Lowest Common Denominator, just to dampen controversy so it doesn’t backfire as it ignites. Here in the States it’s the Republican Party’s “Anti-Popularity Contest” to see who can make the most offensive, misogynist, backward proclamation in hopes of picking up 3 votes and alienating 30,000 other voters.

    Controversy can be a good, sharp edge in an artistic creation, but only if it requires no footnote, you know what I mean? It must stand on its own, and the creator has to accept the fallout.

    “Mac versus PC” is trivial as a social issue among the general public when compared to other outrageous social acts and issues.

    I guess my point is to choose your fights carefully.

    My Best,


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