Monday Moodboard – Inspiring me this week : 16.01.12

1. Sayaka Kajita Ganz Sculpture
Beautiful sculpture.
2. Street Art Round-up
Very cool round-up of some great works of street art.
3. Creative Process Videos
Very fun and interesting videos about the creative process of various artists.
4. Frank Magnotta
Awesome illustrator.
5. Real Life Disney Princesses
Following on from the real life cartoon characters of a few weeks ago, here are what some of the Disney princesses would look like in real life.
6. Fernando Forero‘s works of art
This guy was born to draw.
7. What have you got in your head?
Brain food, literarily.
8. Chromatic Typewriter
Following on from the musical note typewriter from last week, check out this little beauty.

Anneke Short

Anneke Short is the co-founder and creative director of AMS Design Studio. Originally from the UK, trained in Switzerland and now living in London.

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